The Pygmy Puffz!!!

We are simply two girls who love Harry Potter so much that we decided to write songs about it.  Wich will be fun for everyone to hear about because we just started yesterday!!!!  Hi, I'm Chelsea Korynta and I do the lead vocals and backup gutair for The Pygmy Puffz.  My friend Rylee Green is lead gutair and backup vocals.  We arent sure yet, but we might get Rylee to play a few of our songs on her clarinet so watch out for that.  I will put a collection of songs on our blog in a few days.  You gotta watch out for that.  I spent all of yesterday writing songs!!!  And for all you Harry Potter fans out there I warn you there are some spoiler alerts in here.  If you wish to figure out all on your own what happens in Half Blood Prince/Deathly Hallows I suggest you do not go on this website.  For those who don't care, we have an open world of Harry Potter and music on here.  Oh and you might want to know what a pygmy puff is.  A pygmy puff is shown on book six Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince.  Fred and George end up with a joke shop and sell these little cutiez with the lot.  Arnold the Pygmy Puff is the pygmy puff Ginny buys from her big brothers.  He sounded really cute and we are so excited for the sixth movie to come out so we can se what he looks like.  You can be sure that we will have some of the first (or second, or third) pictures of pygmy puffs on the website detacated to them!!

Thanks for checking us out!  Keep on reading and keep on listining!!!!  Pygmy Puffz 4evr!!!